The little bear

Always love brunch date, although in this case, it was our lunch.. But not to worry, Le Miel Et La Lune supply all day breakfast menu. Already a plus point from the start :D The little bear with a coffee cup right up its head is the logo of this cafe. Their website display this cutie but nothing else, not even a menu. Not sure if they're still upgrading their website though. The cafe has a huge glass wall that enables lots of natural sunlight entering to brighten up the whole space. The interior is very simple and classic, painted all white, matched with some black coloured deco and dark brown wooden furniture. 

If I'm not mistaken, they're using coffee beans from Proud Mary. The coffee is pretty caramelly.

Like most of the cafe over here, they have some bakery items, one of them being this carrot cake. According to my fellow brunch-mates, it's yum! Not a big fan of carrot cake myself...

I ordered French Toast, cannot get past it when there's a twist in the ingredients, no? It comes with butter scotched banana, apart from the normal bacon and maple syrup. The brioche toast was really yummy, soft in the middle but not soggy! The syrup tasted like they've mixed in some banana flavour, which is pretty special. Unfortunately it was too sweet to my liking. Nonetheless it was really tasty.

Below is Pork Belly Potato Hash, which is the main reason that attracts boyfie back here lol. The white colour sauce is actually creamy sesame sauce. Unique eh?

And this is Free Range Eggs on Toast, scrambled with smoked salmon at the side. You can choose to have the eggs either poached, scrambled or fried and add on any sides to complete it.

Although almost all of the brunch/lunch items are above $15, but they are very filling and will definitely satisfy your hunger crave. Plus the food are all yummy, I'm gonna be a returning customer.. Even-though there's so many cafes in Melbourne alone, it's not easy to find one that can produce most, if not all of the menu items with great taste. 

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