Back on Brunch Track

Haven't been to brunch since I got back, till we finally couldn't resist anymore and decided to go for Manchester Press. I've always missed their baked eggs. Unfortunately, we found out that they've changed their weekend menu. And so we have to change our plan and postponed to weekdays. Their current weekend menu are variety of bagel choices. I guess its for the more efficient service.  While their weekdays menu remain the same, but got printed out instead of the previous stickers sticking on a big pieces of glass as menu.

Still loving the quirky interior arts.

The yummy baked eggs with salmon, topped with goat cheese with toasted bagel at the side. Also noticed that they've withdrawn their baked eggs with chorizo option.

And yeah, never thought I'm going for the second time in such a short period of time. On Good Friday, we expected all the shops to be closed. But we're in the mood for a good cup of coffee instead of sipping a 3-in-1 at home for this great day-off. Hoping that nearest coffee shop, Brother Baba Buthan would magically open their door, we just headed over without much thoughts. No one can stop coffee lovers! And there we were, BBB was open, so does Manchester Press lolol And there we were, entering Manchester Press for brunch and coffee.

This time round, I tried their new menu item, 12 hours roasted pulled pork with apple sauce in a closed bagel. This is only available for weekday menu. Personally find it a tad too sweet due to the apple sauce.

Recently realized that two more friends, both were already working in Aus, are now back in Malaysia and most probably not returning. Oh great. This is not helping at all. At least they're back due to family circumstances. But where does my future lies? Hoping that it'll clear up upon the dark clouds soon...

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