Coin laundry cafe

Coin laundry is located at Armadale, just right off the train stop. very very convenient for us that don't own any vehicles. The cafe is the busiest part surrounding it. We took a short walk around and it's all residential. It is a quiet and lovely area, which encourages us to snap some pictures around.   

This cafe has the cutest name ever! But the interior totally lives up to the name! There are cloths hanging on top of the ceiling, reminding me of how people used to hang damp clothes on wooden rack. And oh look at the wall, there are little pieces of paper cut into miniature clothes, hanging on the rope! How adorable! 

Elaine and my usuals, capuccino and flat white :) I always love how cafes here are so into the deco details, and one thing that is always there regardless of various themes is flowers. There will always be flowers on the table. It is just a matter of which flower type. This cafe had its pick on orchid. I suspect that this unwritten rule of flower deco among all cafes in Australia has planted a special indescribable feeling in my heart. I do realise that I am liking flowers deeply, totally not the way I would to feel in the past.

The all-white walls paired up with some rustic feel has had me falling in love. Not to mention, the extensive use of wooden materials in furnitures. And the huge glass window/ door that allows all the sunlight to shin in, brighten up the whole cafe. It is the sun rays that could always cheer and brighten me up!As you can see from the picture below, they have some specials written on the brownish papers like a scroll that is fixed on top of the door.

I was torn between a few choices but ended up with French toast with bacon. I love French Toast, madly deeply, of course only the good ones. My favourites are from Galleon cafe, followed by Fandango. This plate of goodness could be one of my favourites too! At first glace of the portion, the 2 pieces of French Toast looked abit smaller in size compared to others. But, it is so filling, I could not tell how many eggs they've used in this plate! The presentation is pretty attractive too! the bacons were presented in the way of skewers.

Elaine had this Omelette with smoked salmon. They put in pretty generous portion of salmon in the omelette. To be honest, omelette is a pretty old school dish, but this is nonetheless a yummy dish. Given the big portion of salmon tucked in it, it couldn't go wrong in any way haha...

While we were savouring our dishes, some new customers came in and ordered what seemed to me like baked eggs, something in ramekins which looks delicious. I would love to try that the next time round. Highly recommend this cafe and would love to go back again.

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