Little Mule

The first time I've heard of this cafe was actually 2-3 years back. I remember that I first saw the recommendation from the flight entertainment magazine. But somehow I have never physically noted it down, which explains why I have never got reminded of it when choosing a brunch place. And whenever I have brunch during Sunday, it is always closed so I never walked over to take a look either. Finally, I marked it down under wishlist in Urbanspoon to remind myself to pay a visit.

The cafe is situated pretty deep in the laneway, and there is no sign at the laneway entrance, so if you are just walking pass, you might not even notice about it. You really have to pause a while to have a look into the lane.

One thing that is very common in Melbourne is that there are so many cafes that hang bikes on the wall. I find it amusing when I first came to Melbourne, but having visited quite a few cafes by now I wonder it must be some kind of culture that cafe owners in Melbourne developed through their love for bikes. Little mule has a double identity of a custom bike shop apart from being just a cafe.

As you can see, there is a really huge and long communal table so it is really great for big group. We went on a Saturday but it was not crowded. There were only few tables that were occupied, which made it a nice environment to chill at.

The coffee beans they used is "Supreme". This is the second time I had my flat white with Supreme coffee bean. It has higher acidity and wine-like flavour compared to others like SevenSeeds or DiBella. Although I must say that it tasted much better and smoother than my first experience at a cafe around William Street.

They have some specials of the day on top of the usual menu but they have really simple and few menu options. I have read some reviews regarding the food options there so I was looking forward for pulled pork bun. But it wasn't on the menu nor the specials, so I was a little disappointed. But after enquiring the waiter about it, they actually have it! Not sure if they left it out on the specials or they haven't update it. The pulled pork was pretty yummy and juicy, not as dry as Chuckle Park's. It costs me about $18 including a flat white. 

And this is green eggs. Something to try if you haven't tried eggs with pesto. There is a cafe in central market that sells this variation in Adelaide too. You could actually see them cooking it on the spot at the bar area, made fresh!

Below is avocado, bacon and egg, if you are not after anything fancy but just a simple and nice meal.

The food here makes it a mediocre cafe in term of both options and flavours despite the hipster environment and very friendly waiter. It could have be better than this. Anyway, ending the brunch date with this group photo. This is the second time Ong came over this year. It's always good to have friend to come over and enjoy good meal like this =)

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